As newborn parents with a 7 week old little guy at home “me time” has quickly become a precious rarity. The breaks that arise here and there between all the feeding, nappy changing, comforting, carrying and playing needs to be evaluated carefully: Do you eat now? Have a shower? Answer some pressing emails? Do the dishes (the kitchen does look like a complete mess!)? Or, do you spend those valuable survival breaks when Finn sleeps to do some practice?

It helps to be two, for sure. We divide the mornings between ourselves and feel happy about the 30-60 minutes of breathwork, meditation or opening the body through some soft movements that is there. So far, luckily, it’s been a big amount of happiness for what we manage to do, rather than frustration about what we cannot do due to the lack of time.
And the time consuming aspect of caring for a wee baby still amazes me. How come we cannot get anything done? Where does all the hours go?

The love for this baby is overwhelming. And the priorities are so easy to make. You do what needs to be done, and you do it gladly. It is with an overflowing heart that we sit down for those few minutes of practice. And we have spoken about how this makes the baby influenced practice time feel. Soft, calm and incredible.
With less time, we try to focus on the quality of the time given.