We try so hard. Try to lift, try to stretch, try to sit straight. We try to breath, to sing, to feel and not to fear. We try to be aware, to be awake, to listen without judging, to observe without interfering. We try to see ourselves, to accept ourselves, to move forward without striving and to engage without pushing. We try to be sincere but not self-absorbed. To see the good in all things, to be enthusiastic about everything.

We rest the forehead in the palms of our hands and try to forgive ourselves for our shortcomings. Trying relaxation and trying to be honest, truly honest.

Then we pray.

A prayer that in trying we will not end up miserable for not gaining.
A prayer that we, with God’s help, will give ourselves more space for allowing.

Allowing the annoying feeling of uncertainty in the chest. Allowing ourselves to relax. Allowing ourselves to be aware and to observe whatever is, right here, right now, before our eyes.