The word ”pranayama” is often translated as ”expansion or elongation of life force” and it represents one of the main methods of classical hatha yoga. In this tradition of yoga, pranayama is maybe the most highly regarded tool to be used for creating a greater contact with the inner world and more subtle parts of us as human beings. Through regular pranayama we prepare the body and mind for further meditation practices.

For the yogi, practicing pranayama means working with a group of breathing and cleansing techniques that will enhance health and that also, according to yogic tradition, have a more subtle effect on the vital life force (known as prana) itself.

The work with the breath and specific breath related practices are possible to find in most spiritual traditions. Classical hatha yoga in particular has over hundreds, or even thousands of years gradually increased the understanding of the importance of the breath. This knowledge has been developed, through generations of practitioners but also more recently through scientific studies. For the experienced yogi it is almost treated as an art form.

To practice pranayama is to practice patience and to let things grow step by step over a long time. You are inviting the parasympathetic nervous system to calm the physical body down, to create space for observation of everything that is happening in the moment. You are also strengthening your breathing mechanism and keeping some of the most vital functions of the body healthy.

Pranayama Courses and Workshops

The pranayama community is growing steadily in the world and in Stockholm as well. Keeping up a regular practice is usually a challenge but can be supported by checking in with a teacher and meeting other fellow yogis with the same interest.

We would like to offer pranayama practitioners on all levels opportunities to meet for the deepening of their understanding of the breath and the Kaivalyadham method. Read more about where and when down below.

We are looking forward to seeing you at some point during 2017.


26-27th of August 
Introduktion to Hathayoga with Sara and Guy
Place: Yogayama Jungfrugatan, Stockholm

7-10th of September 
Continuing Education Course in Pranayama (40 hours Yoga Alliance)
Teachers: Sara Granström, Guy Powiecki and Christina Svärding

Place: Yogayama Sjöstaden, Stockholm

To create a connection with the inside is crucial for the overall understanding of what yoga practice can be. During this Continuing Education in Pranayama we will actively study the calm and meditative experience and give space for moments of observation and being. The practical side of the course will be the foundation for the theoretical sessions where we will discuss how to find the best support in the breath practice (or any seated practice) as well as the areas of great challenge.

The course is for those who wishes to develop within the pranayama tradition (Kaivalyadham style) and would like to deepen the understanding of how the breath is connected to our life force.

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16th of September – ÅLAND
A Workshop about Yoga and the magic of Chanting

Teachers: Sara Granström and Guy Powiecki

This day workshop will focus on how the breath can support your yoga practice as well as your life and health. Using the body and the breath correctly is the key to gaining physical, psychological and spiritual benefit in the hathayoga tradition. We will also use the soothing nature of chanting as a way to help the mind to settle. Chanting gives a good platform and support for being aware and mindful in your yoga practice.
Kontaktperson: Karoliina Hellén,
20th of September 
Yoga Workshop at Little Peace
Teachers: Sara Granström and Guy Powiecki
23rd of September
“The Body and the Breath” with Sara and Guy
Place: Yogayama Norrköping
This day workshop will focus on how the breath can support your yoga practice as well as your life and health. We will offer plenty of time to discover this in your own body in a dynamic but mindful asana (physical postures) class followed by simple pranayama (breath work) in the morning. In the afternoon we discuss the practice and what hatha yoga actually is. There will be plenty of time for questions and enjoyment!
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24th of September
Pranayama and Hathayoga Workshop
 with Sara and Guy
Place: Hot Yoga Uppsala

This day workshop will focus on how the breath can support your yoga practice as well as your life and health. Using the body and the breath correctly is the key to gaining physical, psychological and spiritual benefit in the hathayoga tradition

7-8th of October 
Asana and Pranayama Workshop with Sara and Guy
Place: Atmajyoti, Stockholm
14-15th of October
Asana and Pranayama Workshop with Sara and Guy
Place: Yogayama Göteborg


Sara Granström

Sara began her professional journey as a classical musician, studying for 6 years at schools such as Malmö Music College and Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London. She is now an “Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher” (ERYT) according to Yoga Alliance standards and a senior teacher at Samahita Retreat, one of the most successful yoga schools in Asia. She also writes and runs teacher training courses at Yogayama in Sweden. Her body awareness began with studying gymnastics and martial arts from a young age. Her deep and compassionate understanding of asana comes from many years of practising ashtanga vinyasa yoga and traditional hatha yoga, with teachers like Paul Dallaghan, Chuck Miller, Richard Freeman, Ron Reid and Marla Meenakshi, Sara is a long term student of Shri. O. P Tiwari and has through the method of classical pranayama developed her understanding of the importance of a balanced breath in both yoga practice and in life. In her classes she highlights the deep meaning of the inner attitude in practice, often using chanting, meditation and gratitude.

Guy Powiecki

Guy first encountered yoga in an academic setting, specialising in Indian religions and Buddhism, while studying for a theology degree at the university of Bristol. Now as a practitioner he sees the importance of practicing asana, pranayama and meditation techniques as mutually supporting forms for spiritual growth. Guy is a dedicated student of, classical pranayama master, Sri OP Tiwari and Paul Dallaghan. He has also studied regularly with Richard Freeman and a number of Buddhist teachers, from both Tibetan and Theravadan lineages. Guy’s knowledge of the breath has been broadened by his interest in free diving.

Christina Svärding

Christina kom i kontakt med yoga första gången för 15 år sedan. Nyfikenheten på metoden tog över och Christina utbildade sig inom Hatha och senare Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Sedan 2006 arbetar hon som yogalärare och har på senare år bland annat fördjupat sig i pranayama, mindfulness och yoga för personer med posttraumatisk stress.

Sedan november 2013 är hon också en del av den studie Kriminalvården bedriver tillsammans med Göteborgs universitet runtom i Sverige. ”Measuring aggression for prediction and treatment”.

”Jag ser hur yogan bygger upp människor inifrån och ut, både vad gäller fysisk styrka och mental stabilitet”.

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