We went to England at the beginning of March to spend 5 days with Guys mum and then head off on our usual 3 day drive to Switzerland through France. This was just before the virus outbreak got really bad in North of Italy and before most restrictions happened in the rest of Europe. Little did we know then that we would end up in a full on Lockdown in the English countryside and that we would spend the next 3 months in the same place.

As the world is going through the perhaps biggest challenge since the second world war with a lot of uncertainty and no doubt big changes for everyone, we have appreciated the isolation from the point of view of connection and precious family time. We have basically been in a forced maternity and paternity leave full time and with Farmor (grandma) present as well. We’re hoping this has turned out to be a good chunk of time for little Finn as he has learned to roll over on his tummy, sit up and throwing toys around.

During this period we have spent a lot of time writing the new Yogayama Mythology Course, teaching via ZOOM as well as practicing in the old sitting room. Trying to make the most of our days both indoors and outdoors. And when you only can go out once a day, the English countryside is not a bad place to be. As we made our way back to Sweden yesterday via Heathrow it feels like coming back into a world that has evolved into something completely different. And Finn is not the same baby that left the flat in Stockholm at the beginning of March. He slides out of the baby chair onto the floor and destroys the baby gym like King Kong.